responsible farming






cleaning our air

as we all know, climate change is the result of all those nasty greenhouse gas emissions that have been trapped within the atmosphere, causing the planet to warm. we've essentially turned the global heater up a notch and are struggling to dial it back down. funnily enough, hemp removes tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and uses it as fuel for growth (the earth be like, thank you). so with more of the right plants and the right farming practices, we can make global warming our bitch. hello, global cooling. 

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nourishing our soil

since we only harvest the heads of the hemp plant, the rest of the plant material that remains in the field restores vital nutrients to the soil. this reduces the need for synthetic fertiliser, which has been known to runoff into neighbouring water systems, causing what's known as algal bloom - essentially blankets of algae which smother the marine life below. not cool.

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without the nasties 

as its infamous nickname suggests, hemp grows like a weed. this makes hemp competitive with those other pesty plants that usually require toxic pesticides to manage. plus, hemp only requires a fraction of the water as compared with other crops. it's pretty much the dream plant: all the nutrition, without the nasties.