carbon offsets





if there's one thing we think is ridiculous, it's how we currently price finite, carbon-emitting resources, like coal, oil and gas. the prices of these aptly named 'fossil fuels' are simply determined by supply and demand - you know, the stuff we were taught in school.  while this method of pricing works pretty well for most goods and services, it doesn't quite cut it when it comes to valuing the things that are responsible for turning up the global temperature, causing a variety of unintended ecological consequences in the process. what our current model of pricing neglects to account for is the environmental detriment that results from burning these resources, as well as the rights of future generations to enjoy everything this big blue ball - the earth - has to offer.


since we believe that a carbon tax would provide the necessary incentive to reduce our reliance upon these resources best left in the ground, we've decided to partner with the carbon reduction institute in order to offset the emissions that result of our doing business. think of it as a voluntary carbon tax; cri periodically audits our operations in order to determine the emissions that result from our supply chain (farming, packaging, transport etc.) and then we offset those emissions by paying a pre-determined price / kg of carbon to various carbon reduction projects. for instance, our first offset project involves upgrading cookstoves in uganda. by replacing traditional biomass-fuelled cookstoves with more efficient wood and charcoal cookstoves, the project reduces greenhouse gas emissions, relieves pressure on local forests and assists in reducing the incidence of chronic respiratory disease.