with a diversity of applications including food, fibre, medicine and plastics, hemp does it all. it's kind of like that over-achiever in school that was annoyingly good at everything - except hemp is much more modest. it's cool like that.




filled with the highest quality, most digestible form of protein, the optimal balance of essential fatty acids (3:1), alongside a buffet of micronutrients, the hemp seed is super good for you - you could even call it a superfood. and did we mention its delicious, subtle, nutty flavour? mmm.

responsible farming

unbeknown to most, producing the world's food takes a huge toll on the planet. fortunately, hemp can be grown without nasty chemicals, a fraction of the water and improves soil structure - all while removing co2 from the atmosphere. yep, it's pretty sweet. 



nope, "medicinal cannabis" isn't just a cunning ploy devised by the hippies of the 60s - it's legit. they're called cannabinoids (our bodies even produce their own) and they hold huge therapeutic and medicinal potential; and we're only just beginning to tap it.    


not only can you eat hemp, you can also look fly while doing so - by rocking some eco-friendly hemp threads. it's a more sustainable alternative to cotton, which requires a heap of toxic chemicals and loads of water. 

better plastics

we all know how detrimental plastic is to our natural environment; what we didn't realise was that there's actually much more sustainable alternatives. and yep, you guessed it: hemp is one such alternative!


one of the cool things about hemp is that we're only just beginning to work out how many valuable things can be created from it. for instance, research suggests that hemp may play a vital role in the batteries of the future.