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everything food should be

healthy. tasty. sustainable. and affordable. fair was born from the idea that this isn’t too much to ask. in search of a food source that embodied these qualities, we stumbled across the humble hemp plant.


plant-based protein, so what?

it’s a good question and a pretty important one. if you’ve been listening to the news or scrolling your facebook feed lately, chances are you’ve heard of climate change. what you may not have heard, however, is that our consumption of animal-based protein is a huge contributing factor. shockingly, the livestock industry accounts for around ⅓ of all greenhouse gas emissions. by substituting meat with plant-based alternatives, such as hemp, you’re able to reduce your environmental impact, while saving a few lives in the process. it’s that simple.



why hemp?

not only is the hemp seed one of nature’s most complete and digestible forms of protein, it also removes tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, while restoring vital nutrients to the soil. not bad, right? but if that’s not enough to get you hot under the collar, hemp seeds are also teeming with essential fatty acids and important vitamins and minerals. boom.



100% australian grown

because it's better for the planet, and our farmers.